Thursday, November 01, 2018

No voice. No more. November

Over the past few years it has become a trend that men celebrate "no shave November" which gives them purpose in growing a beard or neglecting to shave.
Additionally, I am inspired by the idea that we really can take on something new and make it a habit if we do it for thirty days. In November of last year, Lived Experience was filmed (

The process of making the film and it being released was exciting and exhausting. Honestly, I was tired and wanted to crawl into a cave by the time it was completed. It is hard to be an advocate for those who have been hurt and who feel like they continue to have no voice.

I went through a period of silence myself because I was done with advocating. This 30 day social media campaign is my way of re-engaging. I am asking others who have influence to join me in advocating for the voices of women to be heard.

Each day in November, I will post a video, podcast, prayer, or article which informs and challenges others to see how valuable it is that there are no more voices left unheard.

Stay tuned here or search Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using this: #novoicenomorenovember

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